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Can 「ですから」 be used in place of 「だから」? Technically, yes. In practice, no. It's very rare to use ですます調(敬体)in this situation. When a sentence contains the type of から (English "because") that you are using here, it always comes with a second part. As long as the second part is in 敬体 the whole sentence is assumed to be. So your example: ...


No, at least not always. It is correct to use 「~~ますから」 in stand-alone statements expressing a reason-and-result or cause-and-effect relationship. 「[明日]{あす}また[来]{き}ますから、このパソコンはここに[置]{お}いておきますね。」"I am leaving this PC here because I will come back tomorrow again." It is NOT correct, however, to use 「~~ますから」 followed by 「です」 in an answer stating a ...


yes ~ますから can also be used as well as ~ですから both mean because

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