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Quite simply, that just means "Out of a 10,000-yen bill, (please)!". She is demanding her change as meanly as the clerks are treating her.


In this case the best translation for から is with. It means "(paying) with 10.000yens bill". In Japan people often try to use their coins especially at the convenient store so the cashier will wait to see if you don't have any coins to round it up. That's why people say out loud 'i'll pay with this amount', so the cashier won't wait. More proper way, also ...


In this context, the shop person was requested to make change from 10000yen to 220yen. 'から' means starting point. In this case, starting point is 10000yen and ending point is 220yen. 東海道は、江戸の日本橋から始まり、京都・三条大橋に至る街道である。 Tohkaidou was a road which connected Nipponbashi, Edo to Sanjyo bridge in Kyoto.

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