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「カンニングをしているところを [見]{み}つかる。」= "I am found cheating (on the test)." This sentence is 100% grammatical. If you analyzed it using the grammar of another language, however, it might look as though it were ungrammatical. 「見つかる」 , as you stated, is an intransitive verb, but it happens to fall into a group of intransitive verbs that hold the ...


The reason why の can be used here is already explained in this question: How does the の work in 「日本人の知らない日本語」? Regarding the nuance, I think the difference between 見込みのない and 見込みがない in your example is very subtle, and both are perfectly natural. 見込みのない may only slightly sound more politely or euphemistically. 快復 is an uncommon alternative spelling of 回復, ...

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