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The right way to say it is: 私は日本語の初心者です。 I'm a beginner of Japanese language. However, if you use the other variant, you'll still be understood, of course. After all, you are a beginner. :) Still, it's kind of difficult to say this. Why not say something simple, like: 私【わたし】は日本語【にほんご】を勉強【べんきょう】します。まだ上手【じょうず】じゃありません。 I study Japanese. I'm ...


For practical purposes, understanding this で as an abbreviated の中で is probably fine. However, it doesn't actually feel like that to me. Consider this sentence: 最も好きな食べ物は何ですか? versus 食べ物で最も好きなものはなんですか? The essential parts are just 食べ物, 最も好き, 何 and we put them together in some syntactically acceptable order. 最も好きな食べ物は何ですか? What is your ...

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