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ゐゃ/ゐょ only appear in 合拗音 of classical on'yomi system (ゐゅ isn't attested). Historically they were representing sounds like wya and wyo but they're very rare pronunciations in limited combinations ゐゃう (wyau), くゐゃう (kwyau), くゐゃく (kwyaku) and くゐょく (kwyoku) (maybe ゐょう (wyou) and ゐょく (wyoku) too, according to this paper). The biggest problem is those spellings ...


ゐ, ヰ, ゑ, and ヱ are not used in modern Japanese; they have been obsolete for almost 70 years. Most people do not even know how to type these characters with a keyboard. If you're not interested in the historical spellings of Japanese, you can safely ignore them altogether. (And serious support for historical Japanese is bound to be a huge task.) Actually, ...

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