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About pronunciations : Shichi/nana and Kyuu/Ku and Shi/yon Both are all corrects, this is a matter of taste, but in some expression you have to use one in particular. japanese will use either shichi or nana. People usually use Kyuu except in some word like kugatsu as said Sqrtbottle. Also japanese would rather not use shi as it is the same pronunciation ...


To use ku an shichi they are used in different situations one situation is time to say seven o'clock you would say shichi ji. ji indicates hour. It is important to learn all way of counting when learning the language so that if some one is using the alternate form you can pick up what they are saying. Examples ku ji, shichi ji (hours)


The forms derive from two roots: Japanese ones and Chinese ones. Japanese ones are 1 ひ、2 ふ、3 み、4 よ(ん)、5 い(つ)、6 む、7 なな、8 や、9 ここの、10 とお etc. Chinese ones are 1 いち、2 に、3 さん、4 し、5 ご、6 ろく、7 しち、8 はち、9 きゅう (also く)、10 じゅう Generally the Chinese ones are more common. They're used for counting objects with counters (if you know what these are), like animals and ...

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