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We say usually only 度 like 100度 because only Celsius is commonly used in Japan, so we don't need to say 摂氏.


The reading depends on the situation. In a scientific or technical environment Chris's answer is 100% correct. However, in conversational non-technical situations it is read differently. When speaking with someone you can say [度シー]{どしー} for Celsius. However, in Japan the standard for expressing temperature is metric, so there is no need to clarify that ...


It is in a slightly different order in Japanese. First comes Celsius, then the amount, and degrees at the end. This would be one hundred degrees Celsius written out: 摂氏{せっし}100度{ど} Fahrenheit for example would be similar 華氏{かし}100度{ど} Most of the time saying Celsius is redundant though. If someone asks you what is the temperature, you can just ...

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