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For general purposes, if you don't know a more specific one to apply, the common practice is to use 個【こ】. In limited cases I've heard it advised to use just the number without a counter as well, but I generally try to avoid this if possible.


Counters for days also use Japanese numerals, from 2 to 10: ふつか, みっか, よっか... . 20th also uses a native counter: はつか. Some day numbers use mixed counters (14, 24): じゅうよっか, にじゅうよっか.


A loaf of bread is called 斤(kin) in general.


Instead of giving you a long boring answer...I'll get to the facts. Yes you can use just the ~つ counter but the ~こ counter works just as well. like いっこ、にこ、さんこ and so on. This counter is used for round objects (like cheese wheels,sandwiches,balls,etc...). Hope this helped!

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