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Yes, this example sentence is natural. 人間【にんげん】 can be used, as well as 人【ひと】, when one shows their hatred against someone, or when one wants to keep a distance from someone. 私はあの人が好きです。: OK 私はあの人が嫌いです。: OK 私はあの人間が好きです。: Weird 私はあの人間が嫌いです。: OK To me, #4 sounds even more hostile than #2. Likewise, 「彼はそういう人です。(That's how he is.)」 can be ...


This use of 人間 is frequently encountered especially in expressions like the one you quote. I think in English you can do the same: What a lucky man he is. He's one lucky human being. What you're saying here has nothing to do with being male, being a single person (as opposed to a group of people), or being a human being (as opposed to an animal ...


I'm not sure, but I guess that's only the limitation of the writer's vocabulary. I would write the said phrase as 俺に比べて汚染度10年分も少ないなんて、なんて幸せな奴だ。

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