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According to 明鏡国語辞典: 「ぶん【分】... 語法 『・・・分(だけ)、・・・』の形で、その程度に応じて他の事柄の程度も進む意を表す。『期待していなかった分 、余計にうれしかった』『スピードを上げた分だけ疲れが出た。』」 (In the format of "~~分(だけ)、~~", it indicates that the degree of something becomes greater in accordance with the higher degree of something else. 『期待していなかった分 、余計にうれしかった』"I felt all the happier because I wasn't expecting that."『...


頼り無さげに見られるぶん、生徒達に慕ってもらえるのは素直に嬉しい is different from ほど or くらい versions in the point that it means "To be honest, I'm glad that my students get along with me exactly because they might see me as unreliable".


I hear this in daily speech from time to time. Not every day, but often enough to be familiar with it. This usage seems to fit with the 4th definition of「分」found here: 物事の様子・状態。また,程度。くらい。 「この-なら大丈夫だ」

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