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「[瞬]{まばた}く」 is a fairly "big" word and it would sound too heavy or literary to use in a children's song. The more common and intuitive word choice for native speakers would be 「瞬き(を)する」 not only for children but also for adults as well. 「まばたきしては みんなをみてる」 is in the structure: 「A(を)してはB(を)する」= "to do A and B alternately" = "(The stars) keep ...


The sentence in question basically says that the soul is like liquid, and must be always inside some kind of container. A magician can't drain soul from someone and keep it on its own. You seem to have failed to translate the verb 留まる (=stay, reside) at the last. The basic structure of the sentence is "魂はあくまで~に留まる" (The soul absolutely stays in ~). And the ...

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