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「[僕]{ぼく}の[人生]{じんせい}が[変]{か}わったのや、[明]{あか}るい[人]{ひと}になったのは、[全部彼]{ぜんぶかれ}のおかげなんだ!」 is grammatical and even sounds fairly natural. The only part that does not quite sound natural is 「明るい人」. We would rarely use 「人」 that way to refer to oneself, but again, it is still all grammatical. You could say 「明るくなった」. Am I using the right particles? Yes, you ...


Both are the same meaning 殺さずに生け捕るってのが面倒でしたがね 殺さずに生け捕るのが面倒でしたがね the って is a abbreviation of という which is emphasizing 殺さずに生け捕る.

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