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As a general principle, you can't be fully confident about the reading of a Japanese personal name until you ask themselves or their family (like in English, too, where we have "hue-ston" Houstons and "house-ton" Houstons, for example). Talking about possibilities, 小此木 may be read as おこのぎ, おこのき, おこぎ, おこき, おひき, おびき, ここき, ここのぎ, こごれき, ここぎ, このき, こひき, こびき, こひぎ, ...


I had a look on kotobank : Apparently 2 persons are recorded as being named 小此木 小此木{オコノギ} 彦三郎{ヒコサブロウ} Link 小此木{オコノギ} 啓吾{ケイゴ} Link So オコノギ (Okonogi) seems like a likely pronounciation for this name. According to this website 森廣 is pronounced モリヒロ (Morihiro) and is worn by about 400 persons, which makes it quite rare. There also seems to be a few ...

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