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年をとる means to grow old, to age. Next time try a dictionary first.


「ぶったてる」=「ぶっ建てる」= "to build" 「ぶっ」 is a manly and slangy verb prefix that emphasizes the meaning of the verb. https://kotobank.jp/word/%E6%89%93%E3%81%A3-618986#E5.A4.A7.E8.BE.9E.E6.9E.97.20.E7.AC.AC.E4.B8.89.E7.89.88 Related verb prefixes for emphasis: 「おっ」、「かっ」、「つっ」、「つん」、「とっ」、「ひっ」、「ひん」、「ぶち」、「ぶん」, etc. There should be a few more.


「ようく/よーく」 is an exaggerated pronunciation of 「よく」, which is why it is not found in the dictionary. 「ようくきく」=「良く聞く」

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