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Maybe worth pointing out that before western loanwords became popular and "trendy," the fad for over a thousand years was Chinese or faux-Chinese loanwords like "電話." Though they may seem more Japanese than katakana words, they're based on old Chinese borrowings (i.e. on-yomi, or the approximated Chinese pronunciations for kanji characters) and not really ...


Most Ainu loanwords in regular use are names for plants/animals indigenous to northern Japan, such as reindeer (トナカイ) and sea otter (ラッコ). These loans are old enough that there ARE usually kanji that can be used for them: 馴鹿 (トナカイ, can also be read じゅんろく) 海獺 or 猟虎 (ラッコ) However, many plant/animal names are usually written in katakana (e.g. カバ for ...

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