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Use アイディア (or アイデア) when it's replaceable with resolution, suggestion, etc. If you really want to avoid loanwords, you can use "(良い)考え". What shall we do? Do you have any idea? 何しよう? 何かアイディアある? An idea is something that solves multiple problems at once. -- Shigeru Miyamoto アイデアというのは複数の問題を一気に解決するものである -- 宮本茂 Use 概念【がいねん】 (or 考え方) when it's ...


There seems to be prior occurrence of ありす as part of a traditional Japanese surname, amongst other names. ありす can be the common Japanese female given name 有栖 (Arisu), which most likely comes is derived from Japanese Imperial branch family surname surname 有栖川 (Arisugawa). As a somewhat ironic side note, the English name Alice, a name derived from Old French ...

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