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First, a brief explanation of the word 「テンション」 for those who are not familiar with it. It does not mean "tension" or "tense". Rather, it refers to "(a level of) excitement or hyperness seen in a person". 「テンション」 is such a frequently-used word that I had to define it first. I know from my personal experience that quite a few J-learners would think that ...


Either ホディ or ボディー are equally common, but (I believe) the recent trend among experts is the former. Incidentally, されることができる is wrong, it should be することができる if it's referring to capability or されることがある if it's probability.


I remember that this "-zilla" caught on for some reason among English-speaking people, and appeared in several software names such as Mozilla, Bugzilla, FileZilla. English Wikipedia even has a page describing this suffix -zilla! However, I believe that was an English-only phenomenon, and Japanese people don't regard ジラ as a suffix. FWIW, this "-zilla" ...


That's not likely to happen, as long as the survey was conducted in Japanese. USA → アメリカ, 米国{べいこく} As like most nations outside US do, we prefer to abbreviate the country's name to toponym. USSR → ソ連{れん} (ソビエト) Russia → ロシア ("united states" → 合衆国{がっしゅうこく}) If someone should believe that the Soviet Union was America, then it's another failure of public ...

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