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If you like to be nicer, these sentences can be what you are looking for, I think. もしおかしな[日本語]{にほんご}に[聞]{き}こえたら、[自然]{しぜん}な[言]{い}い[方]{かた}を[教]{おし}えてもらえると[嬉]{うれ}しいです。   もし[不自然]{ふしぜん}な日本語に聞こえたら、自然な言い方を教えてもらえると[助]{たす}かります。   もしおかしな日本語に[思]{おも}えたところがあれば、[簡単]{かんたん}でいいので、[正]{ただ}しい[表現]{ひょうげん}を教えてもらえませんか?   もし[僕]{ぼく}の日本語が[変]{へん}に思えたら、教えてもらえませんか? ...


I am not a native speaker, but that's how I would say it : もし日本語の間違{まちが}いを見{み}つけたら、直{なお}してください。


This refers to the phenomenon of "Girl Power." Suggested search phrase: "girl power spice girls tattoo." One of the Spice Girls had a tattoo that was constructed of the kanji you describe. It is not a Japanese word, but an attempt to use kanji to write the English phrase "Girl Power." No difference in meaning whether written horizontally or vertically.


I'd have to say this is read as おんなじから  (おんな + ちから) woman power/strength not if they'r in the same order… onna at the top in other words


You should first learn hiragana and when slowly learn kanji and katakana. Theres no romaji in Japanese and katakana is only used for foreign words so its not so important as hiragana and kanji.

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