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I feel the あってねえ/なんだよな part reflects the 徳田's true attitude toward 佃. Unless 徳田 and 佃 are close friends, 徳田 is speaking in a disrespectful manner as a business setting. He is being highly dominating, knowing his company is stronger. わざわざお越しいただいた/お伝えしよう is used here to show 佃 a "respect", of course. 徳田 intentionally used these minimal 敬語 because he knew he ...


I think 僕 is not very respectful (to the listener). It's not exactly rude (you can use it with です・ます, after all) but it's a little relaxed. So, if you are using 尊敬語 or 謙譲語 to show respect to the listener, then I think 僕 does not fit (normally you'd be using 私{わたくし} or some more relevant term like 弊社). However, if you're using 尊敬語 to show respect to some ...

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