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写真をお届け! I think it's short for 写真をお届けします! or 写真をお届けいたします! "We will deliver a photo/photos to you!" お届けする is the humble form (謙譲語) of 届ける. Examples: ~をご報告 / ご案内 / ご連絡 / ご紹介(いた)します!--> ~をご報告!/ご案内!/ご連絡!/ご紹介! キャンペーン情報をお知らせ(いた)します!--> キャンペーン情報をお知らせ!


I feel the あってねえ/なんだよな part reflects the 徳田's true attitude toward 佃. Unless 徳田 and 佃 are close friends, 徳田 is speaking in a disrespectful manner as a business setting. He is being highly dominating, knowing his company is stronger. わざわざお越しいただいた/お伝えしよう is used here to show 佃 a "respect", of course. 徳田 intentionally used these minimal 敬語 because he knew he ...


I'm saying this not as a specialist but based on my studies of bungo (literary Japanese) and as someone who lived in Kansai for 4 years, but as far as I know there is nothing particularly Kansai-ben-ish about the concept of keigo in itself. What you've heard may have to do with particular forms that keigo uses nowadays, by judging from my own exposure to ...

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