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It means ヨロシク, here mistyping/mispronouncing add a Funny/Cute tone.


I found a very long answer on Yahoo Chiebukuro:「東京の四ツ谷に勤務することになりました。疑問・・・」 which offers one theory that Yotsuya is originally an Ainu place name meaning "many valleys". Whether Ainu or not, the "yomi" (pronunciation) came first, and then in the Meiji era the formal "hyouki" Kanji for public facilities were decided. As it happens, there are some minor ...


When a small vowel is added to a kana with the same vowel sound, it does indeed work the same as a [長音符]{chōonpu}. (If the kana has a different vowel sound, then the sound is not extended.) There are no hard and fast rules about this, but it seems that the ィ here is used in proper nouns to indicate that the English spelling ends with "y" instead of being ...

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