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This [verb] + ではないか is an exclamatory phrase which denotes the speaker's surprise or accusation. [*]電車は反対方向に走り始めたではない。 (Ungrammatical) 電車は反対方向に走り始めたではないか。 (To my surprise,) The train started to run in the opposite direction! 電車は反対方向に走り始めたのではない。 It is not that the train started to run in the opposite direction. 電車は反対方向に走り始めたのではないか。 (I ...


掃除する The phrase 掃除する acts like a single verb. It's technically made of two words: the verbal noun 掃除 the verb する But together they act like a single verb. In this case, that verb is transitive, which means it takes a direct object marked by を: 部屋をobject 掃除するverb 'clean the room' The verb is 掃除する, and its direct object is 部屋. 掃除をする When you ...

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