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回復 is a general word for recovery, though it's often used for economics, healing from injuries / diseases, and the weather getting better: [景気]{けいき}の回復が[急務]{きゅうむ}とされている。 [怪我]{けが}のほうもすっかり回復しました。 [台風]{たいふう}は[今夜中]{こんやじゅう}に[抜]{ぬ}けて、[明日]{あした}にはお[天気]{てんき}も回復するそうです。 修復 is used mostly for artifact restorations (like in the question) and relationships: ...


While I cannot guarantee this answer, using the help of Rikaichan, it appears there are slight differences between each word. The correct answer makes sense, if I read each of them as I assume they are to be read. 回復 is often used for general purpose healing. Think of a person recovering from a sickness. 回復 is often used for healing in video games, if ...

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