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"Pre-requisites: Should be easy to understand for people with Java programming experience. Also may be easy to understand for those who have worked with Alfresco as well. Take it easy and join us." kiow-a-zu is negative form of the verb kiow- "to get worked up, be excited". furutte is an adverb meaning of one's own volition, positively etc.


I would just translate it to "please do not hesitate to join us" as a free translation (意訳). 奮う  奮ってご来会下さい. You are cordially invited to the meeting. (source: weblio http://ejje.weblio.jp/content/%E5%A5%AE%E3%81%86) 気負う  人より上手に弾こうと気負うとかえって失敗する If you try too hard to play better than everyone else, you'll only end up making mistakes. ...

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