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(すみません、文脈を勘違いしていたので修正します) 家族ポイント is not an established idiom. 家族ポイント in these examples can be understood as "level of confidence from their family". That's something you lose when you are away from your family and absorbed in your hobby. This is a very ゲーマー臭い word play which non-gamers are unlikely to think of, and it seems that all the three authors of ...


@Choko has the answer, it seems that the correct expression is: おきばりなさって Some more examples: ほな、あんじょうおきばりなさってサービスの練習しとくなはれ! (http://fresco.blog.tennis365.net/archives/day/20101222.html) みなさんも新年度っすてきにおきばりなさってくださいね (http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/reading/sanpo_hagino/date/2012/04/01/)


There is only a small difference in nuance between 「タッグ」 and 「チーム」, which I honestly would not have even thought about had I not encountered this question. 「タッグ」 would often connote a somewhat closer relationship required between the two persons for the project than 「チーム」 would. IMHO, this is because the word 「タッグ」 is drived from an aggressive contact ...

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