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I think ございます is a 丁寧語(polite form) of ある. Sources: Wiki敬語・三省堂辞書 ~がある / ~があります -> ~がございます ~である / ~です -> ~でございます Examples: 「お忘れ物のございませんようご注意ください。」 「ご不明な点・ご質問等がございましたら、こちらまでお問い合わせください。」 I live in Kansai and I don't think ございます is used more frequently here than in the east (I'm not sure if it's used less, though).


Technically speaking, it's not a Standard Japanese. But おる is a normal verb in many dialects in western Japan, and the speakers in those regions won't consider おられる really unnatural. Recently, it has infiltrated into the east as well.


May I answer? Kindly see these 1 2 3 4 It looks like the verb いる "first" changed to the humble form "おる” ( 五段 ) then "combined" with "れる” which denotes the "respect". The 2 sites from the left say the "word" is a "bit weird". haha. I didn't know myself, thank you.

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