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If we exclude words where the お/ご has become effectively part of the word (お茶), there are two uses of honorifics, to show respect and to be polite (or sound more elegant). Your use falls into the latter category. Its more feminine but not wrong. The book "Japanese for all occasions" by Taeko Kamiya advises not adding honorifics excessively.


I normally say "すいません、これいくらですか。" and I don't think this sounds impolite. I think my mother uses "いくらですか。" or "おいくらですか。", and sometimes "これ、おいくら?". I think おいくらですか? sounds politer and a bit feminine, and おいくら? sounds feminine and elegant. "Why is the honorific "おいくら" not really taught?">> Maybe it's because おいくらですか / おいくら is more used by older people and ...


When you ask 「それはいくらですか」 you already make the question sound polite by including です and not dropping は. There are much more casual versions of the question, e.g. 「それいくら?」. This question is typically used by a customer when asking for a price. You wouldn't use honorific in this case as when you address a shop assistant as a customer, you don't address ...

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