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刺々 is read とげとげ and 苛々 and 刺々 are usually written in hiragana or katakana. いらいら means "disconcertedness, stew,and distraction etc" and it shows a one's emotion like so, for example, 私は、彼の無礼な態度にイライラした(I was stabby for his rude attitude.) とげ means spine and とげとげ means "acridly", for example, 彼の態度はトゲトゲしている(His attitude is acrid).


Almost nothing but the latter possibly reminds readers of the real 刺【とげ】 "thorn", or another reading of the kanji: 刺々【とげとげ】 "barbed". Although いらいら came from an old word いら that means "thorn", it's almost always written as 苛々 when merely means "annoyed; irritated". (But maybe more prevalent in katakana イライラ nowadays.)

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