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As others have pointed out, there are many ways that one can say farewell. However, you seem interested in the shortest, most common way to say it casually. This is the phrase that you want: じゃね! To clarify, the phrase 「じゃ、またね!」is used in the same way we might say "Ok, see you later!" in English. The また part carries the meaning of "later". If you ...


Actually じゃ、また is the abbreviated form of では[Indicate changing the subject of conversation]、また(again)今度(next time)会いましょう(meet) which, altogether, gives "See (you) again next time".


So, the actual "correct" (i.e. expanded) phrase is : じゃあ、またね! or じゃまたね! Keep in mind that is only intended for casual conversations. Other greetings are in order in other contexts (See below). This phrase itself is actually already a shortening where 「じゃ」 replaces 「では」 wit the same meaning but more informal. To separate it, think of "じゃ「あ」" as then, ...

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