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「みで」is not the expression your looking for. That part of the sentence should be parsed クリック のみ では - "by only clicking" You're on the right track. By changing 正しい to 正しく it becomes an adverb, so you get 正しく開けない - "can't correctly open" メーラー is probably "mailer", perhaps you mistook the first kana?


The second sentences here are not indirect instructions. The first sentences are direct commands. The second sentences describe the resulting situation. Sensei: 作文を書きなさい。 "Write a composition!" Indirect >> 先生は学生に作文を書かせました。 "The teacher made the students write a composition." Shachou: 鈴木課長、上村くんの世話をしてくれ。 "Suzuki-kacho, take good ...


これは道路の上に作られた細い溝と、その上を通るタイヤによって作られるのだが、制限速度で走らないと音楽らしい音楽に聞こえない。 This was created from the narrow gutter which lay upon the road and the tires which passed above it, but it didn't sound like music unless the car was going the speed limit. ところが、その数はあまり増えなかった。それはメロディーロードからの音楽が騒音の元になるかもしれないという理由で、ほとんどが街中から離れたところに作られたからである。 However, they had never built ...


レアメタル is indeed "rare metal" (or rare earth), and どうたら/どうたらこうたら is like "blah-blah", "such-and-such", "you-know-what". It's used in place of an obvious and/or unimportant part. The following questions are related. What does うんたらかんたら mean? The phrase うんやらかんやら? So "レアメタルがどうたら" means "rare metals are blah blah blah" And in case you didn't know, phones ...

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