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There is nothing incorrect or ungrammatical about the sentence: 「[私]{わたし}が[世界]{せかい}で[一番偉]{いちばんえら}いだって??」 because this is different from saying: 「私が世界で一番偉いだ。」, which is ungrammatical. 「だって」 in the sentence in question is placed after a quote, is it not? 私が世界で一番偉いだって?? = 『私が世界で一番偉い。』だって?? Depending on the context, it may be: ...


I don't think there are any な-adj in the third sentence at all (only nouns, which function like な adjectives), に is used as a general location particle, and is not limited to actual places, the first clause in 箸を櫂にして川を上っていきました which is 箸を櫂にして would mean, "Chopsticks, in (in the form of a) paddle, is done" "In the way of a paddle, chopsticks were being ...

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