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In most of the cases よく should be put just before the verb: コリアンレストランへよく行く。 I often go to the corean restaurant. よくあるご質問 frequently asked questions It sounds better. And when the verb is built with a noun, just before this noun: 日本語をよく勉強します。 I often study Japanese. よく検索されるキーワード keywords that are often looked up But you can also put よく ...


When you are moved by a movie, you have already watched the movie. You remember the scenes, music, and the story. LA VITA E'BELLAを見る時 implies when you were moved, LA VITA E'BELLA hadn't finished yet. So it sounds like you were moved by something else (such as equipment of the theater or behavior of the audience) during the movie or just before it ...

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