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As a group made up with men and women, you can use "彼ら." For example, 現代の若者たち、私には彼らの心理が解らない - Todays youth. I cannot understand their psych. 行楽地は中国人の男女で一杯だ。 彼らの行動力も購買力も凄い - The resort places are full of Chinese men and women. They are surprisingly active and demonstrate an enourmous purchasing power. Of course you can say "彼らや彼女ら"、but it sounds ...


I think we use the words of status and relationship with speaker than a pronoun when you call a group. For example, 先輩たち、先生たち、高校の友達、近所の人たち、etc. And we also use a person name of the group like 田中さんたち、鈴木さんたち.

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