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It's [女帝]{じょてい}. 皇帝 is also used for an empress, e.g.: アンナ(ロシア皇帝)


Certainly yes, girls can use だよね, but it may leave a slightly tomboyish impression. The first Japanese hip-hop song which sold one million records was called DA.YO.NE and is mainly performed by a girl. On the other hand, boys can use だよね, too, but IMO it's mainly used by boys who always stick to 僕 instead of 俺 as a first-person pronoun. (I mean, it sounds a ...


If somebody calls other one ~~奴, I'll assume the referent is the speaker's close (often the same-sex) friend, or someone has frictions with him/her, or s/he is casually mentioning an unspecified person. There's no gender restrictions anyway. As an aside, 奴 can colloquially refer things whose names are unclear to the speaker or hearer, in this case it's even ...


Yes, I've heard 奴 used to refer to females before. Of course, it is more frequently used to refer to males. But remember that the rules of grammar and convention are not so strict in casual, colloquial conversation (which is typically where 奴 is used to refer to anyone). Although I've never heard a female refer to herself as 奴 before, I've heard college-age ...

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