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Even if you read 6分 as ろくふん, it's ok. But ろっぷん is easier to pronounce and much more common. It's the same when it's used like 5.6分, which is usually ごーてんろっぷん.


I'm Japanese native speaker. In my opinion, little "っ" at the end of sentence is not pronounced at all. However, it often indicates "small" (not so serious) emotions of speaker, I'll show you some example, comparing with other two expressions for writing: 01. ふざけんなよっ 02. ふざけんなよ… 03. ふざけるなよ! (All sentences mean "Don't be silly") As you see, first sentence is ...


For a slightly less technical but infinitely more practical explanation, the small form of つ、in modern, living Japanese can be used to affect any combination of phonemes. Any. The best way to think of っ is that whenever you see it, you make a slight pause, then a more percussive following phoneme. This can even apply to a っ found between two vowel sounds, ...

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