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General As had been pointed out, as a general rule, that part of the word - in terms of kana syllables - that changes or inflects is written with okurigana. See also 「送り仮名の付け方『国語を書き表すための送り仮名の付け方のよりどころ」』・単独の語1・活用のある語・通則1」, which states as a general principle that the inflectional ending is added in kana. 活用のある語(通則2を適用する語を除く。)は,活用語尾を送る。 History When ...


You can think of Furigana and Okurigana as the root and stem of the word respectively. Do you know what transitive/intransitive verbs are? Unlike English, nearly all verb meanings have a pair of these. In case you don't (or some future reader doesn't), transitive verbs can (sometimes must) take a direct object (using を). They are actions you do to ...

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