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Ordinary, ingredient list looks like: スパム、ベーコン、ソーセージ、卵、ハム No 。is used, because the list is not a sentence. For Spam on bread with sausages, bacon, and ham. It should look like: スパムの乗ったパン、ソーセージ、ベーコン、ハム Also I suggest to use ランチョンミート for spam, because スパム is not common for Japanese. So last example should be: ランチョンミートの乗ったパン、ソーセージ、ベーコン、ハム


What foregin word is マスカット derived from? As already pointed out in the comment section, the word is derived from "muscat", a type of grape. What is the most commonly used word in Japanese for green grape? The usual word for "green grape" (precisely in this generality) is 白ブドウ. Is マスカット an accurate translation for green grape? In Japan, マスカット ...


大辞林 as well as 大辞泉 say レアチーズケーキ [和 rare + cheesecake] so I'll say presumed "rare" until proven otherwise.

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