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I believe chocolate-san is right and I have the website of the Japan Organic Agriculture Association in Japanese and English to prove it. It turns out this "teikei" 「提携」 (lit. "cooperation") has been around since 1978. The longer names are 産消提携{さんしょうていけい} and 生消提携{せいしょうていけい}. It seems the problem, aside from getting the transliteration wrong, was that the ...


First I must say that the definition of Japanese word レンジ is a bit confused. In everyday speech, it's understood as an oven-like cooking device, or more practically, by nine out of ten chances it'd mean 電子レンジ "microwave oven". (As an aside, オーブン means non-electrical oven as opposed to this.) But it also has the same meaning as the English "range", that is a ...


ガスコンロ is a gas burner for cooking which is set on the kitchen unit. ガスレンジ is a cooker using gas as the heat source that comes with a box with a door on the front, in which food is cooked or heated.

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