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While the meanings are practically identical, ビーフ is used more commonly for restaurant menu, such as ビーフシチュー and ビーフカレー. If you want to express the same thing using 牛肉, you cannot simply use 牛肉シチュー - that's unnatural grammatically - but you have to say 牛肉のシチュー. Same goes for 〜カレー and other types of food involving beef. That said, in both cases, the ビーフ ...


牛肉 is used nearly universally, but use ビーフ on a case-by-case basis where you know the name of the food uses this instead (ビーフ is often favored in names of dishes). The two words are interchangeable in meaning, but that doesn't go to say that they're interchangeable in speech. Both ビーフ and 牛肉 mean the same thing, but these are used differently. For the ...

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