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Of course the individual words are very common, but personally I do not recognize this as a fixed expression. I found one person who wrote a blog entry titled “圧勝。楽勝。快勝。”, and another person with “楽勝。快勝。圧勝。”. Yet another person seems to have used “楽勝快勝優秀賞” as a radio name. Could it be that what you heard was a one-off — something just made up by the person? ...


1.楽勝 means " easy victory". 快勝 means "good victory" and it may not easily win. 常勝(じょうしょう) means that " always win". 2.They are recognizable and common usage. 3.I don't come across my mind now.


My guess would be that it is some kind of variation of: この人は藪医者と言いたいが、 筍{たけのこ}ぐらいでしかありません I'd like to say he is a “bamboo thicket” doctor (= quack), but he's barely a bamboo shoot. 筍医者 is a humorous term for a person who is so utterly incompetent they cannot even be called a fully-grown quack. I think it's safe to say that this term was in ...

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