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朝鮮 comes from the Joseon dynasty, which is the longest-lasting Korean dynasty, whose rule lasted from the late 14th century all the way to the late 19th century. The use of this name can be chronicled in Chinese records from as early as 100 BC. After the fall of the Joseon dynasty, the Koreans changed their country name to 大韓帝国 "Daehan Jeguk," or the ...


大辞林 says アルコール [0] 【オランダ alcohol】〈「亜爾箇児」と当てた〉 so it seems to be from Dutch (although unlike Portuguese, Dutch does pronounce the H).


見える and 聞こえる come from classical forms 見ゆ and 聞こゆ. These potentials would be natural to those verbs, but they've survived past the originals' death.

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