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After further research I can say that in fact, イギリス actually came from Portuguese and first appeared in the 日葡辞書【にっぽじしょ】 (Vocabulario da Lingoa de Iapam) compiled by a Jesuit Missionary in Nagasaki in 1603, the start of the Edo Period. It came from the Portuguese word inglês which would have been pronounced イグレス and after interactions with Great Britain, the ...


In Japanese, スタイルのいい女性 is a plain and straightforward phrase that means "a woman with a nice figure/body." No euphemism is involved. And it usually refers to her general appearance, not specifically to her height or breast. 大辞泉 says the primary meaning of スタイル is 姿 (figure) of a person, although it can also mean manner, fashion, format, etc. Many Japanese ...

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