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It looks like itrasci has already addressed the question about 我. Here's some more information about 私. Where the reading came from -- Derivation Although we have the history of how watakushi has been used over the years, I cannot find anything definitive on where this term came from. The entry at Gogen Allguide suggests that there may be some connection ...


申し上げる has basically two meanings. The first meaning is "to say", but the second is not. Here is an excerpt from a dictionary. 「お」や「御 (ご) 」の付いた自分の行為を表す体言に付けて、その行為の対象を敬う。…してさしあげる。「お答え―・げます」「御相談―・げたく参上致しました」 もうし‐あ・げる〔まうし‐〕【申(し)上げる】 So, it simply means "to do" in a humble form. In many languages, some common words develop a new usage with less ...

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