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英国 えいこく also stands for british. 英国人 えいこくじん Bitish People


イギリス sounds like English, but actually イギリス is NOT equivalent to English. According to this web page, イギリス is an import word from Portuguese language. It originally means England, but its meaning has changed in Japan. It doesn't only mean England, but entire land of the UK now. So, イギリス is the equivalent to the UK. イギリス人{じん} is equivalent to British ...


I would transliterate British as "ブリティッシュ" and Britain as "ブリテン". And I would explain the difference as Barrie England has done in the article you referred to, together with a short history of the Norman conquest which led to name the isles "Great Britain" in contrast to "Bretagne".


I would say 「日本語を教えてくださる方を探しています。代わりに英語(or French or Russian? I don't know what your mother tongue is.) をお教えします。男性でも女性でも構いません。」


It looks like a line break or space in the wrong place. かぶる means "to wear [a hat]" (as in "to put on one's head"). ぶったら would be from ぶつ, meaning "to punch [so.]" and isn't relevant here.

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