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@Shoko I meant to write 「眠ります」(nemurimasu) not "nerimasu". The Rōmaji was not correctly corresponding to the hiragana. Thanks for pointing out my Rōmaji mistake!


I'm sorry I did something wrong. In the one that includes "I" it should be 僕は明日は眠ります。(Boku wa ashita wa nerimasu) Thank you!


明日は眠ります。「Ashita wa nemurimasu」is the answer to this. Or, "Tommorow (I) will sleep. This here is the way that someone who is Japanese would say it. You could also say, 僕は明日は眠ります。「Boku wa ashita wa nemurimasu」, though I would advise you to use the first one, as Japanese people find that using "I" 「私と僕」too much sounds "unnatural". I hope this helps you ...


Either ホディ or ボディー are equally common, but (I believe) the recent trend among experts is the former. Incidentally, されることができる is wrong, it should be することができる if it's referring to capability or されることがある if it's probability.

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