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How about 成長するにつれて or 成長すればするほど? And you can say 大人になる or 年を取る instead of 成長する. In addition, 子供の頃,昔のこと are more natural.


Using a word なし seems to be a common way in Japanese, if a company or a developer team provides this kind of information. For example, a Japanese webpage about a software called AOMEI Buckupper uses this expression. 100%クリーンのインストール: スパイウェアなし、アドウェアなし、ウィルスなし!ご安心ください。 In the English webpage of this, it says 100% Clean Installation: NO SPYWARE, NO ...


ウイルス等が検出されませんでした sounds more like "No virus were detected", which is different from "Virus-free". The first thing I'd like to mention is that most sophisticated Japanese e-commerce sites do not say anything like this in their download pages, at least in a large font. To me, saying "virus free" loudly already smells like typical foreign sites (some of which ...

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