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I run Jlearn which is a fairly comprehensive Online Japanese dictionary and has audio for all words and readings for kanji. http://jlearn.net


Firstly, the official list of kanji is there to specify kanji themselves and that doesn't really include all the words where a specific kanji can be used. That would make it a dictionary which it isn't. Let me address some issues in more details: The list from the link you included does include examples where you can check okurigana. For example, the ...


Only for some nouns you can play with the 送り仮名, for all normal verbs and stuff you shouldn't play around much at all. As a rule of thumb is to base it on ambiguity. In most of the nouns people won't mistake you if you use 飲物 instead, but with verbs you could accidently make it look like both the transitive and intransitive if you removed too much 送り仮名. ...

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