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The formal and official term for a (medical) doctor is always 医師【いし】, and it's the word that should be used in news media and such. If you ask native Japanese speakers "Is 医者 is less respectful than 医師?", I would expect mixed reactions. Many people would say say it's a pure colloquial variant of 医師. You can safely say "自分の息子を医者にさせたい", "この町にはもっと医者がいて欲しい" and ...


I don't think there exist a 漢和辞典 to be called "COMPLETE" in Japan. Dictionaries evolve day by day. Perhaps you know that even the editing team of the Oxford English Dictionary has been adding 50 new words every day to the dictionary. We don't need a egregiously voluminous dictionary for practical purpose, and I don't think you need to be versed with the ...


There is a publication in Japanese called 漢字源{かんじげん} which may have the information you're looking for. There is also a website that seems to be based on it here which has over 95,000 entries. 以下はハッタリ話。。。 More to the root of your question though, since Kanji is really a system of writing and not just a list of characters, I think you would need software ...


The English Wikipedia page on kanji claims that the Dai Kan-wa Jiten (大漢和辞典) (Wikipedia link) is "considered to be comprehensive in Japan" and "contains about 50,000 characters". (Side note: It also mentions an even bigger Chinese dictionary.)

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