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I think うち is a neutral and common feminine first-person pronoun, at least in part of Kansai region. There, people who use うち use it because everyone else uses it. As long as it is used with fluent Kansai-ben in an informal setting, I would feel nothing special about うち. Wikipedia says うち is used also by male people in certain regions in Kyushu, but I have ...


Looks like it's a Western Kanto thing. http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/西関東方言#.E6.96.87.E6.B3.95 千葉県・埼玉県・群馬県・東京都多摩西部などで「こない」を「きない」や「きねー」と言ったりする。


そういえば… When I was in Shikoku island, I remember some people used 「きない」, but that meant 「きなさい」 or 「きてください」, not 「こない」. はよう、こっち、きない! (= はやく こちらに きなさい) Seemingly this is used in Fukuoka and Oita, too. I personally haven't heard きない which means こない, but I'm not familiar with dialects in Kanto region. No impression is my impression of that word.


According to here and here, this is common in [茨城]{いばらき} and [群馬]{ぐんま}. Also appearing in Saitama and Chiba. These were the top two links googling in きない 来ない...

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