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マラソン by its own strictly means running 42.195 km, as long as it is used as the name of professional athletic competitions. For example, "10000m走" (10,000 metres) is never マラソン. 長距離走【ちょうきょりそう】 is the generic term which corresponds to "long-distance running" (usually >= 5 km), which of course includes マラソン. When it comes to amateur events or PE classes at ...


「マラソン」 is a Japanese word. It should not matter what the word "marathon" means in the original language from which Japanese borrowed the word. Likewise, 「[手紙]{てがみ}」, in Japanese, means a "letter", but 「[手紙]{shou zhi}」, in Chinese, means "toilet paper". There are no problems with that, however, because those are two different languages. Well, so much ...

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