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ばり is an uncommon 接尾語 which means "like". http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/leaf/jn2/180011/m0u/ ばり【張り】[接尾] 2 名詞や人名を表す語の下に付いて、それに似ている、または、それに似せているという意を表す。「西鶴―の文」「左翼―の主張」 So 「林家パー子ばりのアンテナ」 is "an antenna just like (that of) 林家パー子". She is known for the pink dress and the fondness for gossiping, so アンテナ here means "ability to find something interesting, or ...


『ときめきナーミンナイト』 a title of an episode from the web radio series Sayonara Zetsubou Housou, hosted by Shintani Ryoko and Kamiya Hiroshi. The title is apparently a play on a phrase from the manga かってに改蔵 (ときめきウーミンナイト) and Shintani Ryoko's character name (Hitou Nami). On another site this song is credited to 日塔奈美 (ナーミン). Basically, it seems to the theme song of ...

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