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I don't have any authoritative reference for now, but I think the definition you provided has room for improvement. ギタギタ/ギッタギタ/ギタンギタン/etc is a mimetic word which describes the status of someone severely beat up by a fight. More common synonyms are "けちょんけちょん" and "こてんぱん". These can also be metaphorically used for one-sided arguments/debates/games. I have not ...


As a noun Only 怒り【いかり】 stands as a noun anger, rage, fury etc. (Accent in Tokyo: いかり{LHH}) As a verb gerund (連体形) It's basically a matter of distinction between おこる and いかる. Both mean "to get angry, mad or furious", but: おこる is more colloquial and tends to describe anger towards real experiences ex. おこりっぽい、おこりんぼ etc. いかる is more literary and tends to ...


I think that the second example, "これという問題はない", means: the "so-called" problem doesn´t exist. I would appreciate if you could give us the context.

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