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Yours is, I must say. This sentence would not lend itself to "perfect literal translation" in English because of its structure. Hard as you may try, you will end up needing to make adjustments so that your translation would sound natural in the target language. In your case, you ended up using the passive voice form "are influenced", which is not used in ...


In this context, 「ゆとり」 would mean more like "mental affluence" than "time". It would be synonymous to 「心{こころ}のゆとり」, which we also often use. One would, of course, certainly need to have time to obtain mental affluence.


I'm a native speaker of Japanese and also am a gamer, and I have to say this sentence is ungrammatical and hard to interpret, unless this おどおど受け (literally "timid reception") has some special meaning in the game you play. It may be some terrible typo, or maybe it was originally an emoji (like these) and then was turned into hiragana for some reason. Even ...

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