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This is a hard topic because as you stated Japanese people normally don't react in this way. With that said, there are a couple approaches, not already stated here. (These would be in a more formal setting). Also, it really depends on how you are getting complimented and what the compliment is. ~光栄です。(It's an honor, I am flattered, etc.) お蔭様で~。(Thanks to ...


Yes, there are ways to say these kind of things. They don't sound super arrogant to me, but I won't guarantee that they'll always be the perfect thing to say. I went with ですます, but keigo and plain form versions are possible as well. "I'm very happy to hear that!" 「そう言ってくれて、とても嬉しい【うれしい】です。」 "I'm glad you liked it" 「気に入って【いって】もらって嬉しいです。」 "It's ...

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