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Firstly, like what Nothing commented, you'll want to use よろしくお願いいたします instead of よろしくお願いします. You'll only need it to say it during your self-introduction and upon entering the interview room. In all seriousness though, you'll need 失礼いたします a lot more than よろしくお願いいたします. Though this isn't what you're asking, I'll just leave this here: Before you enter ...


I'm pretty sure this is targeted to adults. The board says "Is it OK if you lost this (=the girl's) smile?" rather than "Can I stop this (=my) smile?" In other words, I think the board basically says "Don't do [that] if you care for this smile." But I can't tell what the board actually wants to stop. I bet the average reaction from native speakers is just ...

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