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2番目 is OK. two of them (not regarding the position in the list) 2匹 or 2目... 両方{りょうほう} is definitely the best. all three of them 全部三つ 全部{ぜんぶ} is probably used the more 2つとも and 3つとも would be a second best. すべて usually comes after the word like in これ(ら)すべて, 3,4,5つすべて。


The こ is indeed a counter, usually written 個. It is a general counter for counting objects, much like つ. Your two example sentences provide proof of the generality of 個, since cakes and kanji characters have few common features. つ is often taught as the "default" counter ("default" meaning that it can be used in practically any situation to make yourself ...


It is a counter. Ko is a kind of generic counter.For example if you were counting paper you would use mai(枚), cars would use(台), animals in many cases use hiki/piki (匹) or tou(頭). There are many cases, so I would recommend you look up counters. ;) Wish you the best. 頑張ってね。 ラドより


You are almost there. ~全部{ぜんぶ}3つ~ sounds definitely off, but 3つ全部{ぜんぶ} is fine. The first, the second, the third... 一番目{いちばんめ}、二番目{にばんめ}、三番目{さんばんめ} Slightly more formal tone. 1つ目{め}、2つ目{め}、3つ目{め} Slightly more casual tone, perhaps used more often between people of equal / similar status. All 3 of them, all of them 3つとも これらすべて 3つすべて 全部 If there were ...


"the second item in the list" -> 2番目 "all three of them" -> 3つ全部 or 3つとも "two of them" -> これらのうち2つ or これらのうち2匹

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