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分 isn't only used for "minutes", but also for "parts". For example, fractions are read ⅓ 三分の一 さんぶん の いち lit. one of three parts When 3分 means "three parts", it is always read さんぶん, not さんぷん. When 3分 means "three minutes", it is always read さんぷん, not さんぶん. Similarly, よんぷん = "four minutes" and よんぶん = "four parts". さんふん and よんふん are non-standard ...


From the definition for 部 in 数え方の辞典: ② 書籍やひとまとまりの文書を数えます。  a. 書物や印刷物などの、複製した数を数えます。    「100万部のベストセラー小説」    「コピーを20部作成する」  b. 数冊の書籍を一括して数えるのに用います。    「1部5冊」 So yes, 部 is a counter for copies of printed materials, as in sense 2a. This counter isn't limited to just newspapers and magazines like WWWJDIC appears to suggest, ...


Yes, 部 is a counter for copies of a newspapers, etc. and it applies to a broader range of printed materials as well. WWWJDIC gives one of the meanings as "(5) counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine." It also gives 一部 as a broader meaning "one copy (e.g. of a document)."

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