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The ordinal prefix 第 is read だい. This is sense two in 大辞泉: [接頭]数を表す語に付いて、ものの順序を表すのに用いる。「世界―一の都会」「―五巻」「―三レース」「―六感」 The counter 話 is read わ, and it attaches to Sino-Japanese numerals such as いち. Put it all together and you get だいいちわ.


While there exists a large amount of interchangeability between 「[回]{かい}」 and 「[度]{ど}」, it is also true that in certain situations, only using one of the two is either "correct" or "preferred" over the other. Interchangeable: General frequency: "X has happened Y times.", "Person X has done something Y times.", etc. 「この[冬]{ふゆ}、4回/度[雪]{ゆき}が[降]{ふ}った。」= ...

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