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売{う}ってる is an informal contracted form of 売っている. In the 〜ている construction, いる is a special type of verb called a "subsidiary verb" (or 補助動詞 in Japanese), a verb which serves a grammatical purpose rather than having its literal meaning, and this type of verb very often contracts with 〜て.


売ってる is a contraction of 売っている. The い in ~ている verb endings is often dropped in casual speech.


ときゃ is a contraction of [とき]{時}は 誰と is "with who" Does this answer your questions?


It's [一体]{いったい}[何]{なに}を[騒]{さわ}いでいるんだ? or 騒いでいるんですか? "What's the fuss about?" in some regional dialect or the role language for old speakers.


It's contracted with the particle は: オレたち+は → オレたちゃ

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