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I don't get the situation of #5, either. #4 sounds fairly inconsistent. 曖昧で or 曖昧だし suits here instead. As for the remaining 5 examples, I don't think any one is unacceptable. #3 may sound a little weird and から obviously seems more adaptable, but I do think Japanese people sometimes use けど like this way. There must be a lot of unsaid implication after the ...


“犬がほえている けど 、だれか外にいるんじゃない?” The whole sentence sounds informal. “この地方は寒いと聞いた けど 、本当に毎日冷え込むね。” Same as 1. “ね、ミキちゃん、喉乾いた から 、水ちょうだい。” “けれども” cannot be used as “because”. “この説明書って結構曖昧 で 、よくわからないよね。” Same as 3. I don’t understand. What is the relationship between 病気 and 借りる? “お父さんがぼやいていたけど、最近ガス代はたかくなってきた ね 。” “けれども” cannot introduce a quotation. ...

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