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I searched for your question on the net. 朝鮮民主主義人民共和国(Democratic People's Republic of Korea) is a string of 11 kanji and it is comparatively well known. 外航船舶建造融資利子補給臨時措置法 is a string of 17 kanji. It is the law about the promotion in the Japanese shipping industry. I saw this for the first time and I think it is very little known.


いる means " one be there" in this case, so モンスター娘のいる日常 means " ordinaries which the monster girls are there". This "の" is used instead of "が" which is set behind a subject.


Literally: Everyday life in which monster daughter exists. Commonly: Everyday life with monster daughter


Just ask Google translate to detect the language, then hit 'Translate'. Google translate can be pretty sucky from time to time so don't treat it as gospel, but use it as a translation aid:初商業誌 "The first commercial magazine"


It's read as はつしょうぎょうし. You can never find it in dictionaries because it's actually three words: 初【はつ】: first ( 商業誌【しょうぎょうし】: commercial book/magazine (often as opposed to dōjinshi) 商業【しょうぎょう】: commerce ( 誌【し】: (suffix) magazine ( 初商業誌 is typically used when a dōjin manga-ka makes a debut on a magazine available in the ...

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