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The most generic would be 「[青緑色]{あおみどりいろ}」 or 「[青緑系]{あおみどりけい}の[色]{いろ}」-- especially the latter IMHO. It covers a wide range of tints and shades of greenish-blues. 「[水色]{みずいろ}」 is just light blue with absolutely no green in it. It is the name of one of the more common colors of crayon, so practically no native speakers would imagine a different color upon ...


I personally would just stick with plain 青い. Dictionaries will probably call it plain 'blue', and it does indeed lean more towards blue, but the point where people stop using it and start saying 緑 is pretty far into the green. The green light on traffic signals is typically called 青. Bananas can be called 青 before they turn ripe. Japanese is a pretty broad ...

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