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灰 (はい) 灰色 (はいいろ) 茶 (ちゃ) 茶色 (ちゃいろ) 黄 (き) 黄色 (きいろ) 銀 (ぎん) 銀色 (ぎんいろ) I'm not 100% sure, but the trend seems to be attaching いろ directly to the standalone word. Going from this, I would assume that 麻色 is read as あさいろ. Apologies for not being able to provide a confident answer.


It's read like a regular compound word, あさいろ Here's a passage from Aozora Bunko with furigana: 何か妙な[粉]{こな}をふりかけた[麻色]{あさいろ}の[縮]{ちぢ}れ毛の[鬘]{かずら}である。

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