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I assume you're referring to the Baxter-Sagart Middle Chinese transcriptions of the Qieyun rime dictionary. When I search these transcriptions for 洗, I find two readings listed: *sejX, corresponding to modern Mandarin xǐ, Japanese セイ・サイ, and Korean 세 se *senX, corresponding to modern Mandarin xiǎn, Japanese セン, and Korean 선 seon So I think the final ...


According to Pulleyblank's Lexicon of Reconstructed Pronunciation (http://books.google.com/books?id=qWGIxP1R4P4C, p336), there's a reconstructed EMC pronunciation of 洗 as *sɛn' (no idea what the apostrophe means, though - glottal stop?). This apparently corresponds to a modern Mandarin pronunciation of xiǎn, which also has a nasal final. There may also be a ...

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