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No, it is not correct, sorry to say. You literally created a "double causative" in: 「[食]{た}べさせることをさせないで」 But we would not use this structure in a natural setting. It sounds quite wordy and awkward. Most naturally, we would say something like: 「おばあさんに、子どもたちにオクラを食べさせないようにしてね( or しようね)。」 For more clarity, one could insert 「[無理]{むり}に」= "forcibly" ...


「~~させ (causative verb form) + て + いただく」 expresses receiving the permission (or opportunity) to perform an action from another person. 「いただく」 = 「もらう」 in meaning. Former is only politer than the latter. 「[取]{と}らせていただいた」 means "I/We received the permission to take/collect ~~." One could also use as a translation "I/We had the pleasure of ...

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