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If you're really grateful for the offer, and you'd like to stay in touch with X会社, but you can't help but turning it down, then you can't be too polite. You could write something like this: 非常に魅力的なご提案をいただき、ありがとうございます。○○様に誘っていただいたことを大変光栄に思っています。 しかしながら、現在の職場でどうしても責任をもって終わらせたい仕事が残っているため、大変残念ですが、今回はご期待に沿うことができません。申し訳ございません。 ...


As I commented at your comment line, it looks like personally to me Choko san might not submit her own answer, I would like to "answer" instead.... Choko san's own answer ( about which I think it is quite appropriate ) "To change your setting, go to www.example.com, then click "my profile", then click "settings" >> Well in that case I think you could ...

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