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If you really are "N1 (and above)", here is a good resource: 敬語 for N1 (and above)


If your level is N1 and above, how about reading resources for university students who are hunting job (就活)? Since those resources target beginner in business, I think they are the best resources you can get online. For example, this site tells basic honorific expression (敬語). And this site has list for terminology (業界用語) used in consulting firm. If you ...


代表取締役 (formal) or 社長 (informal) or 経営最高責任者 (translated from English) Chief Executive Officer 副社長 Vice President 専務 Senior Managing Director or Executive Director 常務 Managing Director 取締役 Member of the Board or Director 非常勤役員 Outside Director 本部長 General Manager 本部長代理 Acting General Manager 部長 Department Manager 次長 Associate Department Manager 副部長 Associate ...

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