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I'm not really sure where the question is, so I'll just explain what I see in the letter. Moriyama is writing to Yamaguchi. So Yamaguchi is the 貴社. Yamaguchi owed Ueda the 100万円 and didn't pay for over 6 months. Ueda went out of business. Moriyama is now the owner of the debt post bankruptcy. The いただく phrase is indicating that Moriyama should receive the ...


とのことです is a hearsay and a bit formal way. For example,your boss said Mike is working at 碑文谷警察署の本町二丁目交番. Then,your business partner asked you where Mike is working at? So you answered 碑文谷警察署の本町二丁目交番とのことです if you like to express it in common way,you can say Mike は碑文谷警察署の本町二丁目交番で働いています。

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