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仕事があるので大学にいます is grammatical but misleading. Without any further context, it sounds as if you were regularly employed by that college, and you had to be at the office of the college because you haven't finished the task for the day. If you are a visitor, and want to say "I was at a university today due to a job," some better ways to say it are: ...


常連 常連客 常連のお客様 お得意様 リピーター リピート客 こちらの化粧品は、常連のお客様もたくさんいらっしゃいます。 リピーターを増やすための販売戦略を考える


The answer to this can be extremely company-specific, particularly in a company with a significant presence in the US. Colleague A: 1 year younger in age than me and joined the company at a later time. It seems like I could use the desu/masu form without Keigo, but since we belong to different departments, different branches, etc., I'm not sure whether ...

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