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It is common for Japanese people to return a thank you rather than accepting the thank you for themselves and saying 'you're welcome'. Aさん: 「〇〇いただき、ありがとうございました。」 Bさん: 「いえいえ、こちらこそありがとうございました。」


A phrase that hasn't been mentioned and may prove very useful would be とんでもないです。 とんでもないことでございます。 It's a polite way of saying "not at all". I think どういたしまして is polite, but somehow carries too much the nuance of "You're welcome" in that it accepts the fact that whoever is thanking you is correct in thanking you. とんでもない rejects the very idea of ...


I'm a non-native. But, in my experience 3 options might be: 別にたいしたことではない。 would be formal enough for a non-native. Less formally, I'd say: 別にたいしたことじゃなかった。 and, most informally simply: 別に


I would say "英{えい}語{ご}でお困{こま}りでしたらお手{て}伝{つだ}いしましょうか?" I might come up with something better if you can provide context.

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