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Yes, you're right. 社長から議長に田中氏を任命された is a solution to get rid of ambiguity.


As you said, this sentence is ambiguous as Japanese grammar. As my point of view, I modified it like below. 社長 --> subject 田中氏 --> a target person 議長 --> An assigned post The president appointed 田中氏 to the chairman.「社長は議長に田中氏を任命した」 At first, I think this is not the passive sentence. And usage of a preposition is importance. 「は」「に」「から」「を」... and so ...


There seems to be an explanation related to the song's story. From a piece I found online: The Tokyo accent is considered standard Japanese and so speaking another accent is referred to as "namaru ('having an accent')"... ...And as Miho is not from Tokyo, it would show in her accent, which may have made her feel like an outsider. So her ...


I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but it can be “ambiguous” in the sense that sometimes the only signifier is the raised inflection at the end (= the question mark). And, since people inflect differently, there could be times when it is unclear. Suggesting: A: 私、お金がないの。 I don't have money. B: アルバイトを探したらいい。 You should look for a job. ...

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