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"Xが好きな人" is ambiguous and means both "the person who likes X" and "The person X likes", but in this contest, it's obviously used in the first sense. Actually, わたしが好きな人 and わたしを好きな人 are the same here. Both noun phrases inside the quotes are about "the person who likes me (who is はっきりとしている or していない)", not "the person I like". The verb はっきりとする means "to show ...


If I understand correctly, you are asking how to express something like this, where you want to have 私 be both the 〜は subject and a 〜に object: 私は (彼に (私に任せてもらった) ) I had him leave it to me 私は彼に私に〜 is extremely awkward and should be avoided at all costs. Even if you omit the subject-私 and say 彼に私に〜, it sounds confusing. Also, you cannot merge ...

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