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まさにかわいいね does sound wrong. まさにかわいい男の子だね sounds grammatical but the meaning would be a bit weird. It's hard to explain but it would imply the boy is representative of かわいい男の子, but it's not rare to be a かわいい男の子, so it feels odd to say that (though I can imagine a situation where it could be said). E.g. まさに日本一の美男子だね or まさに百獣の王ですね sounds natural, and it ...


Simply put, しばらく is 'a while'. When it is used alone, it usually means 'for a while'. When other words come after しばらく、the meaning change: しばらく前 : a while back しばらくして : after a while しばらくぶり : (something reoccurs) after a while しばらくの間 : for a while (makes it clear that the しばらく means 'for a while')


My two cents. 薄く and ほのかに both modify 輝く. 仄かに and うっすらと both modify 凍みる. 微かにほんのり儚くほのかにうっすらと all modify 存在してる. I just read aloud. I judge from「、」and how well words go together. I sometimes change the order of words and check whether the meaning has changed. They are sometimes ambiguous, but it does not matter. it is possible to understand sentences ...

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