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っちゃあ is totally convertible to といえば, except that っちゃあ sounds very chatty and rough while といえば can be used in formal expressions. You can say 忙しいといえば忙しいけど, and it conveys the same meaning. As for the word form, actually there are other forms like っていやあ and ってやあ. They phonetically seem to fall between といえば and っちゃあ, making the presumable process of sound ...


「(adjective)っちゃあ(same adjective)(だ)けど」= 「~~って[言]{い}っちゃ(あ)~~(だ)けど」= 「~~って言ったら~~(だ)けど」 "somewhat ~~", "~~ to a degree", "You could call it ~~, I guess", etc. 「[忙]{いそが}しいっちゃあ忙しいけど」= "I am somewhat busy if not terribly so". The nuance is that you are not busy enough to want to actively tell everyone that you are busy. If anything, you are only mildly busy. ...

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