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I have found many lists of kanji ordered by their usage in newspapers, but are there any lists that order by their usage in novels and other fictional material?

This might be useful to have because if someone wanted to be able to read Japanese novels well, they could study the kanji in the list.

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Here are some frequency lists that don't meet your criteria: The Agency for Cultural Affairs list: bunka.go.jp/kokugo_nihongo/bunkasingi/kanji_24/pdf/sanko_3.pdf Here's one based on modified Wikipedia data: shang.kapsi.fi/kanji And another newspaper-based one: tidraso.co.uk/kanji_frequency.html And based on a web corpus: corpus.leeds.ac.uk/frqc/internet-jp.num This one IS based on novels, but is based on attempted lexical chunking rather than individual kanji: pomax.nihongoresources.com/index.php?entry=1222520260 –  snailboat Oct 14 '12 at 13:51

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Interesting that Heisig misses #66 (俺) and #158 (誰). –  Mechanical snail Jan 6 '13 at 3:24

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