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I am trying to translate the GUI of a simple memory game from English to Japanese. I want to the user to be able to choose how many rows and columns there should be in the memory game. For a 2x3 memory game it would look like this:


However, no matter how much I look in my dictionary(jisho.org), I can't find any separate words for "rows" and columns". The closest I can find is 列, but it seems to mean eithers rows or columns. So how would I translate these two words?

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It's [行]{ぎょう} and [列]{れつ} for "row" and "column", respectively. (And [行列]{ぎょうれつ} means "matrix".) E.g.

a 2-row-3-column layout

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To expand on user1205935's answer, appending の数 will make it explicit that 行/列 is the unit of the number being asked:


Also, 縦/横 can be used to guard against possible confusion, as some people, including me, tend to mix 行/列 up and need to make a mental check on which was which (*).

[   2] 行
[   3] 列

(*) The mnemonic is the kanji 行 has two horizontal lines (rows) and 列 has two vertical lines (columns).

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