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I'm looking for any free media (podcasts, videos, etc) featuring (preferably unscripted) Japanese and that have a transcript (also free).

(The best model I know of of the kind of material I'm looking for, except for not being in Japanese, is The McLaughlin Group's Library, a freely accessible online library of videos of a weekly political debate show, along with their transcripts.)

Note: One may reasonably think that videos that have been captioned for the hearing-impaired would fall within what I'm looking for, but on the contrary, strictly as a matter of personal taste, I consider captions a very poor substitute for a proper transcript, one that I would consider only after I had completely given up hope of finding Japanese-language media with proper transcripts. So please, do not submit as answers any media for which there is no separate transcript document (i.e. as opposed to "embedded" captions).

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