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i have found this song i like, but it doesnt have a translation to english, so i dont know what it means. i dont know where i could get the lyrics with the proper charecters, i can only find the romanji; sadly, if i paste them into google translater... it recognises them as swahiili and i get the feeling google dosent recognise romanji.

so where could i translate the lyrics without doing each word indevidualy?

Nemurenai yoru ni owaranai yume wo Ukabete wa mata hitomi tojiru

Isshun no yudan ga subete wo kuruwasu “Tatoeba” nante hitsuyou wa nai

Kotoba ja nanimo koete konai kara Kasaneta toki ga Sore ijou wo tsutaetekuru kara

Me no mae de hohoenda megami wo Dakiyosete setsuna na KISS KISS KISS Kuruoshiku kokoro kakimidashite Sono manazashi ni KISS

Yami ni terasareta yoru no rinkaku ga Motsure atte hizu ni naru

Kaerubeki mono ga mada koko ni wa aru Chousen wo tsuzukeru tame ni

Mayoi wa itsumo mi wo hisometeiru Tachi tomareba mou Kono kokoro wo shihai shiteshimau

Me no mae wo surinuketa megami wo Oikakete kogarete KISS KISS KISS Kono kodou ga tsukiageru omoi Mitsume aetara KISS

Me no mae de hohoenda megami wo Dakiyosete setsuna na KISS KISS KISS Kuruoshiku kokoro kakimidashite Sono manazashi ni KISS

if your intrested, there is the lyrics.

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Typing the first line into google gives me: tenipuri0507.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-3.html –  jkerian Sep 11 '12 at 20:26
In general, Japanese is far harder to read in romaji, and there's more than one way of romanising a Japanese text. It's unlikely that translators of this sort exist. The only sensible thing to do is try to find the lyrics in their native script. By the way, the word I see most often used for lyrics is 歌詞 - in case that helps you with a google search. –  Billy Sep 11 '12 at 21:09
Lyrics and poems are more difficult to translate than usual text, so I would not expect sensible translation from machine translation. That said, Google Translate can handle romaji (not “romanji”): choose Japanese explicitly as a source language, turn on the check box saying “Allow phonetic typing,” and enter your romaji text from the keyboard instead of copy and paste or entering a URL. –  Tsuyoshi Ito Sep 12 '12 at 0:50

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